Applications development

Games, graphic assets, small code rotines

Universus Software is a application development group focus on games, graphic assets and small code rotines.

With some years of experience in developing rotines in various programing languages, in this learning process has implemented the knowledge in some games and graphic assets. Also in the creation of small applications to reduse hard project tasks in other companies



  • Medieval Playground
  • Explore-Dig-Build-Play that's what you can do in Medieval Playground. Choose from four different types of terrain and start building your playground. Place and edit trees, animals, people and buildings to your liking. Make battles with allies and enemies and choose your side. Create underground caves and decorate them. It's a medieval sandbox where you can create without limits. Enjoy have fun with it.
    assume the role of an adventurer who has gone through many dangers, until he decided to settle. This kind of life is new to him and begins to choose a good place to start this new chapter. Without knowing it, this is the beginning of a new adventure that involves finding a way to survive and defend himself. But this task is not easy to do it alone, you need help. So then you start to build a small village and find people that will help you achieve the dream of living another kind of life. You'll have to go through many difficulties to see this dream come true.

  • Spaceship Generator
  • Its a Unity package for you to integrate in your Sci-fi Games. It can Generate Random Spaceships with textures.